the self-sufficient life


Values-aligned, conscious living. Characterised by: freedom, choice, abundance, agency, and thrival - on your terms.


Most women forget
they can have it all.

They think they have to settle for less. And put themselves last. Tending to others' needs becomes a badge of honour, particularly as a mama.

The women I work with have decided they CAN be, do, and have it all.

As well as:

  • taking care of their mind, body, and spirit,
  • living with intention,
  • creating a beautiful, connected relationship with their partner, and
  • raising children consciously

they are committed to fulfilling their own dreams too.

I love to help women like me

I get a kick out of guiding the following kinds of women into a more aligned, exciting, and generous way of doing business.. 


Stay At Home Mamas
With A Side Hustle

Want to bring your family back together and squeeze more juice and adventure out of life? I'll show you how to turn the failing side hustle your husband whinges about into an empire that will retire him.



If you've realised that working 1:1 with clients trading your time for money is ineffective and you're done with being burnt out and working longer hours than an employee, you're in the right place.


Coaches and Online
Business Owners

Sick of endless launches, doing "discovery calls", learning new software and business skills constantly, and wearing the hats of 300 different people in your business? So was I! It's time for you to work smarter.

How it works...

Working together is simple. 

Let's face it, we're all a little short on time and patience. You've already sat through your fair share of online marketing hokum. You curse at your wasted time and the fluff you had to wade through to reach the other side - only to still be confused.

I keep it streamlined. And automated. Because I'm a mama.

I set out to create a freedom business, not buy myself a job. And that's why you're here too.

Sooo...Whether you're a breastfeeding mama with 10 cheeky minutes between boobs or a tried and true binge-watcher who wants it all upfront, I've got your back.

Dive in by clicking the button below and meeting my epic friend, Kristie, who will walk you through the keys to creating a freedom business for yourself.


What my community are saying

Hear how these ladies' lives have changed since working with me

Louise Clarke

"My dreams of worldschooling my children were just that - a dream. I've learnt the skills and gained the confidence to empower myself; to start my own business that I can take anywhere in the world. And since I've started, I've managed to travel, and take my children to show them the world."

Simone C. Herberte

"I was really unhappy in every area of my life. I was just fumbling along and it was affecting all the relationships in my life. Now, I'm a better mum, partner, daughter, aunty. All I've done is focus on me. It's been an absolute game-changer."

Leen Haagdorens

"I was working as a physiotherapist and it was a 9-5 job...and I just got really burnt out. I said no and something new had to come. I jumped in and from day one it has given me so much more perspective again for own my future. I feel like I have my life back in my own hands again. I can dream big again."

Nice to meet you!

I'm Aimee, aka the swiss army knife. Chai-drinker, homebody, loud laugher. Big smiler, plastic hater, jar hoarder. Clumsy AF. 

I'm a mama and online business mentor committed to helping women like me live the self-sufficient life. 

Having worked in the online space for 10 years, I've tested many different ways to achieve success. Blogging. Coaching. Dropshipping. Traditional MLM. Ecommerce. Podcasting. You name it, I've been there, done that.

None of these strategies come even close to the new era way I do business now. Earth-Conscious. Automated. Community-based. And most of all - FUN!

Click the button to learn more about who I am, what I do, and why I do it.


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