Hey, I'm Aimee,

a passionate mama and online business mentor.
I help conscious women create the business and life of their dreams by building a sustainable online business with a high ticket business model, earth-conscious products, and life-changing automation. 💰♻️✌️

Hey, I'm Aimee,

a passionate mama and online business mentor.
I help conscious women create the business and life of their dreams by building a sustainable online business with high ticket sales earth-conscious products, and life-changing automation. 💰♻️✌️

Why I do it...

Seeing strong, driven, wholehearted women breaking their back to create the life they desire makes my chai curdle.


Because that was me just a few years ago.

I'd spent YEARS battling it out, trying all kinds of different ways to make myself happy:

  • traditional employment
  • blogging
  • massage therapy
  • health coaching
  • a Shopify store selling raw chocolate
  • podcasting

And I STILL couldn't earn enough money to live freely.

Let alone settle down and start a family.

I was either trading my:

  • time for money (and not being able to enjoy it).
  • conscience for money (and being a hypocrite)
  • lifestyle, needs, and wants to maintain my ethics and values

And I was searching for a happy medium to:

  • maintain my time freedom,
  • earn enough money to live the life I desired, and
  • not sell my soul to get there.

Thankfully, I found it. 🙌

Now you have too.

Looking for a new way to do business online?

Join my beautiful friend Kristie, who will walk you through how to use conscious, high ticket products and automation to build a business you love.  💰♻️✌️


I know firsthand what it's like to KNOW you're destined for more, yet have your circumstances back you into a corner...

...with seemingly no way out except budgeting, long work hours, and sacrifice.

How it began

In 2018, after spending 4 gruelling years building a passion project with my partner, Brendan, I started to ask myself whether there was more to life.

I'm sure some people are equipped to thrive while living on the bones of their ass whilst housesitting and moving over 70 times in three years (like we did).

But I'm not one of them.

This was a life of:

  • Driving around in a Tarago lugging all our worldly possessions with us everywhere we went (pictured!)
  • Declined eftpos transactions - to which I'd respond earnestly, "Oh I must have picked up the wrong card! All my money's in the 'other' account..."
  • Staying home to save petrol
  • Telling friends we were busy when invited out - when in reality we couldn't afford it
  • Eating baked beans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Only going to the movies on cheap-ass Tuesday
  • Wearing the same striped jumper for so many years that it fell apart and is currently awaiting its well-earned ritual burning

My conscious friends cared about their health, mindset, the environment, and making the world a better place, but most of them were:

  • living a lie,
  • burnt out,
  • selling out,
  • broke, or
  • just scraping by (including myself).

 Even the people who looked as though they had a successful business!

It was hypocrisy and shame central!

As I began to finally build a successful business online, after many years of pain and struggle, I had so many eyes on me wondering how I did it.

I realised how ridiculous it was that so many epic people with big dreams and beautiful visions were outwardly struggling, or putting up a facade of success and secretly drowning.

I started to ask myself, what would happen to the world if all the conscious people had money?

The inspiring answer to that question is what fuels me today.

It is my mission to help 100,000 conscious women live The Self-Sufficient Life.

the self-sufficient life



Values-aligned, conscious living. Characterised by: freedom, choice, abundance, agency, and thrival - on your terms.

How I can help

I work with self-aware, earth-conscious, business-savvy women like yourself who feel frustrated, powerless, and are hungry for change because they know they could move mountains if they were given the right recipe.

I've spent 10 years in the online trenches so you don't have to. 

Now, I spend my days how I choose; which is usually at home (where I belong), raising my little family, and helping my community of women bring their dreams to life.

Whether you want to make a few extra bucks, retire your husband, create a legacy for your children, or build an empire to rival Rome, I've got your back.

If who I am and what I stand for resonates with you, stick around and learn a little more. There are a few easy ways you can do that... 👇

Fun facts about me




No matter how hard I try or how long I wait, sometimes my brain comes up with the wrong figure of speech, such as, "I grun and bore it" - one of my all-time best boo-boos.



I'm notorious for singing VERY wrong song lyrics out loud (and doing so for years before realising my mistake!). Such as Angus and Julia Stone's "Big Jet Plane", or, as I sang it for WAY too long, "Picture Frame."



I do a fabulous, on-point impression of Elaine Benes' (from Seinfeld) dorky dancing. Much to my dismay (and Brendan's delight), it comes very easily to me...

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